Thursday, December 27, 2012

They're Engaged

These pictures were taken last December 07,2012 at Army Navy SM Lanang. Kinda old huh? Sorry for the very late post.

This great couple right here is the sweetest. I've known them since college years. If you could also see in my archives you'll see them doing a segment shoot. I personally picked them for the taste test. I know them. And I knew it! They loved the role. (lol)

I consider Nesty Varie as my boy best friend. Back in college we used to compete academically but in a healthy and funny way. He's always a good 'alaskador'. Yep! He's such a bully. But I would rather confide to him and pour my thoughts and emotions about my personal problems because he has big ears to listen and a a hand to help. He's a good person and you can always see the sincerity of his friendship.

Luckily, he have met such a wonderful pair, Rochelle. I see Rochelle as a royalty. Her beauty is exceptional, like that of the English princesses. Also, she's the kind of woman who's smart and is always in control of the situation. I find her amazing. And like Nesty, she has a very good heart to everyone including Nesty's friends. She's fun to be with and easy to get along.

They've been together for six years and I'm so happy that they are now engaged. My heart is filled with so much joy because love worked for them. Love didn't work for me. It didn't endure the pain and the differences throughout the years. But it worked for my best friend and I am so much happy for them. Beyond time, their love grew even bigger and stronger for each other. I can credit it to their loyalty and honesty towards each other.

And now, when people say that long engagements doesn't work, I'll be proud to say that Nesty and Rochelle's story is different. It's very inspiring. One thing Nesty taught me is that, "Life is all about making a choice". If we all choose to do good, best things will come to us. We should all be responsible for the choices we make Because with it comes consequences.

Congratulations to the both of you.
Because of you, I learned to believe once again in love and that...
True love can last a lifetime...
Beyond Words... differences... And time.

cherry Maning


  1. It's the lost of the guy whoever he is for not standing his ground and fight for you....

  2. Don't worry ate you'll find the one for you. Just enjoy being single because you're still young and perfect! That lucky man will be worth waiting for. :)

    1. Thanks Kath :) I'm sure he's worth the wait....

  3. ahhh so sweet of you.. Thank you very much besh :)  :)


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