Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Reunion

It's Christmas season and it's time for us to see all our loved ones, friends and colleagues to celebrate and be merry. It's also the time for reunions and gatheings woth those who've been part of our wonderful past and present. It is the time when people reunite and bring back old stories and at the same time share all new wonderful experiences.

Last night I've been with my beautiful Mutya friends.It's been two years since we've been complete like this. We had our small girl talk to catch up.

It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!

Janelle just got home from Macau where she worked for a year. Sam is now an entrepreneur while Monique is a happy wife and mother now. Espie recently aced her Civil Service exams.


Exchanging of Gifts

Simple presents or big time ladies. Big big hug to all my girls!

Mutya ng Dabaw 2010 - Janelle Tee

Diwa ng Dabaw 2010 - Samantha de Leon

Sinag ng Dabaw 2010 - Cherry Maning

Pag-Asa ng Dabaw 2010 - Johanna Monica Yu-Quioge

Patnubay ng Dabaw 2010 - Esperanza Odulio

There had been changes in our lives after the reign. One thing is true, it had made us all better persons. In one way or another being Mutya ng Dabaw made us become mature individuals. It taught us a lot of lessons in life: to be humble, to be ourselves, to strive hard, to become responsible, to be sociable, to trust, and to reach our goals even after our reign when all the glitz and glamour is supposed to end.

cheers to our batch!


Your Sinag...

Cherry Maning



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