Monday, December 17, 2012

The New Andap

The experience wouldn't be complete without us having a glimpse of the most affected Baranggay in New Bataan. Along the highway we witnessed the crowd gone wild over the relief goods.
So we decided not to open our pots and feed them for our security. There's a big chance that a number of people will get hurt if we push through our plan. Safety first.
Imagine a place where there's cold spring, a resort, a community of farmers. Imagine a happy place where there is a basketball court, Baranggay hall and health center.

Now imagine that place underneath these rocks... Baranggay Andap is gone.

Baranggay Andap of New Bataan Compostela Valley Province is buried deep down as a result of Pablo's (Bopha's) wrath.

To those who've been to Andap before this tragedy, they might not beliEve what they will see upon reaching the area. Andap used to be a steep slope but now a wide plain of rocks. Everything is gone.

This is the Baranggay GKK (chapel), the only structure that stood still.

People of New Bataan are hungry and they are already ill tempered. They want nothing but food and drinks. They are fighting for survival everyday since they were struck with the disaster. They are tired and devastated.
What can you do in order to help?
Seeing the place, we also can't help but ask how can these people bounce back? They are homeless and helpless.

While organizations (public & private) are giving donations and attending to the immediate needs for survival of these individuals, the LGU of Comval is having a hard time figuring out what is the most sustainable project for their people. After all, this isn't an easy task. This situation poses a big challenge to Comval Province.

Goods will not last long, eventually resources will be exhausted.

I just hope and pray that people who are blessed with so much in life will never get tired of helping.

Let's all help.
Spare a little of your money.
Cherry Maning

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