Sunday, December 2, 2012

That Hopeless Feeling

That hopeless feeling when you're bumped off and you know it's the last flight of the day to your destination and all other succeeding flights are fully booked until Tuesday. That's three days from the incident ... Very depressing.
God I really wanted to go home early yesterday but due to unforeseen circumstances, I was left all alone bumped off from my supposedly 12:20 flight to Davao. Alright! The airline company changed the ETD without further notice. I mean without any notice at all. And so I bought another ticket from other airline company which amounts to almost P 8,000.00.

I checked other airline ticketing office and moved around the airport back and forth trying to find out what's the best option. I was trying to connect flights and finding ways just to go home. Thank God I was able to book a flight to Davao through Air Phil Express.
I was so exhausted. My energy was drained for the inconvenience I've experienced for the first time in my traveling history. That was the worst ever.
What hurts the mos is that I missed the birthday celebration of my dear sister, Grace Anne. Okay, things like this can happen to anyone and everyone. It's just so sad that things like this happen on a very important date... Oh well... Moving on, what's important is ... I'm home. I'm so glad to be back home. :)
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