Monday, December 24, 2012

Something New this Christmas

Coolest Christmas ever! I got these shoes from my date last night! I'm not a sneakers/ shoes person but these really made me the happiest girlfriend in town. It's so soft inside and very gentle to my feet. I can walk for miles wearing these.
By the way, MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yep! It's CHRISTMAS TIME!!! The celebration wouldn't be complete without a picture taken beside a Christmas tree with the gifts...
last night, me and my girl Farah went out for a dinner date at Lotus Court. It's our way of celebrating our first and maybe "last" Christmas together.

Lotus Court is located at Marco Polo Hotel. They serve Chinese cuisine which are truly tasty, palatable, and sinfully delicious.

Red Bandage Dress : Budget Barbie PH

Right after our dinner, we went to the Deck and ordered some drinks. We then exchanged presents. Her's is a glass of Shirley Temple and mine? Obviously, it's coke zero.
My gift to Farah, an army green bag from Charles and Keith.
This is her gift to me. Shoes from Forever 21.
I so love them.
You're such a sweet friend Far! You really know what's want and what I need. That you so much.
Me so happy last night!
Merry Christmas!
I'm excited to wear my shoes on my next blog!
Ooooohh so cold!



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