Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My True Lab

Is it a mistake to fall in love with these lovely boys? They're all gorgeous and I can't seem to choose who among them is the real Pablito.

23 December 2012, Sunday, these guys came to our house for a short visit. They spent their Christmas at Nova Tierra with their mom Berlin so they dropped by.

Four chubby boys of Peewee our most beloved Labrador.

Sleepy baby
Tongue out
Isn't he lovely?

I really didn't quite understand the special link and bond between dogs and their owners until my sister who's such a dog lover left her bestfriend Peewee Boy (Labrador) with us. I took responsibility of taking care of him especially during the time he was sick. And now seeing him with his four lovely boys, I can't help but get so attached to them.

My sister was right, when you have a pet and you love him so much he will show the same loyalty to you and will love you as well. I was probably one of the very first visitors who came to Berlin's crib to check on these newborn pups. When they saw me at home, I placed them on the table and they all went to look at my direction as if thirsty for comfort. They were crawling to my direction and upon reaching my arms, they all positioned themselves in fetal position. They're so cute.

One by one, I carried them to Peewee's cage. Peewee got so thrilled to see small pups, he went wild jumping and jumping and barking. the baby pup got afraid and hid under my arm.

I love them so much.


Cherry Maning.


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