Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Pedrito

San Pedro Calungsod is the second Filipino Saint, beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2000 and was recently canonized on October 21, 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI. He was a martyr who died spreading the Goodnews of Salvation and Baptism to welcome Non-Christians into Catholicism.

I was at Cebu for the National Thanksgiving Day for San Pedro Calungsod. It was a big event celebrated by Catholics and Filipinos in general, as San Pedro Calungsod's LIFE and WORKS were recognized as saintly and inspiring to all Catholics.

An estimated number of of 800,000 to one million devotees were present at SRP (South Road Properties), with a total land area of 29 hectares where the thanksgiving mass was held. It was attended by the Church Leaders and Members of the Catholic Church, Media, and Government Offiicials in both National and Local Offices.

I was able to talk to a Dabawenyo who embraced Cebu City as his second home. He said that it was only in Cebu City that he became more religious. He actively participates in church activities such as Sinulog or Fiesta of Santo Niño. He dances on the streets along with millions of other devotees to pray with all of his heart for thanksgiving and to ask for more blessings.

And like all the other people who came to SRP, he believes that the image of San Pedro Calungsod will bring more miracles to all those who were present in the historical event.

SRP is like a desert to me. The heat of the sun is at best. It was extremely hot. But devotees were there not minding the weather as they danced in circles. There were students who helped as human barricades. They admitted that they were required by their schools to be there but they said, they are more than willing to do so even if it wasn't required.

Here are some of my pictures at SRP with GMA personalities.

Ms. Pia Arcanghel, Balitanghali

Sir Vladimir Fernando (Executive Producer-Buena Mano)

Ms. Celerina Amores (Vice President- News and Public Affairs)

Ms. Kara David

By the way, I bought my Pedrito, San Pedro Calungsod's doll. Here he is.

This doll became controversial as it was manufactured and sold by private entities in relation to the celebration and thanksgiving day. It was said to be "commercialized" because some people were taking advantage of the religious event. Some Catholics condemned the production of this doll. Some religious deemed that the image of the saint should be treated with utmost respect. They added that the image of the Saint should not be produced as a toy or doll because images of Saints should even be placed in altars gor veneration.
However to those who manufactured these dolls, their objective is to bring the image of the Saint closer to the hearts of the children. That instead if collecting barbies and toys like batman and superman, they will embrace the saint and will learn more about His life. Isn't that a great way to teach the children catechism? What is your opinion?

As for me, I'm glad I own one. PEDRITO dolls are manufactured in limited edition. And it will serve as a reminder that I've been to Cebu in thanksgiving for the canonization of our new saint.

I was so happy for the unexpected opportunity to be present at the historical event. As a Catholic, I have felt the love and devotion of other Catholics towards the religion and the saints. Honestly, I'm not that religious but I am spiritual. I believe in God, the unmoved mover (Philosophy) and Jesus Christ His only Begotten Son and Mama Mary who conceived the Son of God.

How about you? Are you RELIGIOUS or SPIRITUAL?

Religious people are those who strictly adhere in the contemporary teachings of the church, the beliefs and the actions, and give high regards or importance to images Jesus and the saints as a form of worshipping God and as the way they venerate Saints. It consists of a more public routine or practice to show spirituality. Religion determines our morals and instills principles and norms.

On the other hand, spirituality is born within the person. It is what he truly believes in and it is his private relationship with God. The spirituality of the person is determined on how we relate to other people, see the world, and accept human flaws including your own.

So that's all for today, I do hope that whatever you believe in, we will all be drawn closer in our faith to become united, promote peace and love one another despite our difference.


Cherry Maning


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