Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Faces of Survivors

The last three posts I've made showcased the devastation brought about by typhoon Pablo. I personally picked those pictures in order for my subscribers (you guys!) to have a better view of the situation and hopefully from there, people will draw emotions of empathy and of love to our brothers and sisters. I hope that those pictures moved your hearts to donate more.

In this post you will see the happy faces of people receiving help that day. You will see the product of our teamwork and unity and of course, the generosity of our sponsors. I pray that God will continue to bless you more with good health and fortune.

As the organizer and overall supervisor and planner of the feeding activity, I would like to extend my deepest congratulations to my team for a job well done. I would also like to credit Aila, for her untiring effort to gather more cash donations and sponsors for transportation etc. Thanks partner! And to my angls, you're the best!


Thank You...
Christty Ti
Nesty Varie Fernandez
Robert Almendras
Kristine Rona Nague
Annie Sanchez
Slord Chua
Michael Hao
Sheila vidanes-Olano
Kristine Maning and Ronald Limos
Quinnen Alfante
Aireen Ellah Ting
Joemar Deypalubos
Rene Mascarinas
Executive Assistant of the Vice Mayor
Jireh Garay of GL Bakeshop
Fountain Place
Marina Tuna
Val and Teddy Maicom
Rey Vermejo
LGU New Bataan and Comval
Ann and Gene Maning
And many more...
Without you, this activity wouldn't be made possible.

For many years, I have lived with the school motto, Love serves. And I think this is also true to my friends. I believe that services should be rendered with genuine love. Because it is only when we truly love that we are capable of providing the best quality service to our fellows. It is even written in the bible that everything that we ought to do should be done with love like what my angels did. They are among the very few selfless individuals, who despite the inconvenience and risk for danger, pushed through the mission with a courageous heart.

As you can see, my angels were so happy to spend time and energy feeding the people of New Bataan Compostela Valley Province. Personally, it is a fulfillment on my part to see happy faces of thousands of people served and those who are serving. My soul is satisfied.


I pray that more people will be inspire to join us in helping the needy and feeding the hungry.

To the people of New Bataan, don't lose HOPE. Help is everywhere. Don't give up. Afterall, it's a cherryfic life! As long as people are willing to love and to serve.

To everyone, share your HAPPINESS. INSPIRE depressed people to stand up and fight. Convince them that there are so many reasons to live and that they are LOVED by many. Together, hand in hand, we can make it! Bangon Comval!



Cherry Maning



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