Thursday, December 20, 2012


Went out shopping yesterday with my sister. I bought Christmas presents for my godchildren. Eleven of them. Im not yet done so I'm going out again today.

Before shopping, me and my sister decided to see a movie. And since there was enough time to eat before the movie starts, we went to the Peak.

Chillaxing at Cafe France yesterday before the movie The Hobbit.

So is it with or without glasses?

By the way, I didn't realize it not until yesterday that I've been eating gelato frequently. And oh yeah! I got my button magnet from the store at SM Lanang because I bought 2 cones.

Gelato originally from Italy contains lesser fat than the regular ice cream. It is also softer and more tasty than the ordinary ice cream.

A cone in Giardino costs P 100.00 with one scoop and 2 scoops in a cone is P160.00

On my right is Gel. She's kind and sweet. I met her at Giardino SM Lanang Premier yesterday. She told me she's reading my blog often. It made my day.

Oops! I Need to prepare now. I'm gnna go out again. Ciao!!!

Cherry Maning

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