Friday, December 7, 2012

Flowers and Pets

Serious for quite some time. Now let's break the ice!
I'd like to thank my sponsor for today Budget Barbie PH.
Thank you for this floral dress! Love ya!
To be very honest, having a short hair makes it difficult for me to style myself.
My everyday challenge is to be more ladylike despite my short hair and also to look thin on cam
This dress is the ultimate solution!
If you try to examine, the longer the neck of the person, the thinner he or she is. And because I have a round face, I have to make an effort for my face to look oval.
The technique therefore is to expose more skin and bones.

The more we cover our necks, the chubbier we look.
So take extra precaution when wearing turtle necks and round necks.

Vnecks highlight our necks and chin.
If I gain weight, I wear tops showing my collar bones.
See how important it is to choose the right style for your body type and face?
Styling is fun but never easy.
By the way, meet Angel's sweet baby girl, Lucky.
She's the sweetest dog ever.
And speaking of dogs, Pewee boy, my sister's Lab finally is now a daddy.
Baby boys of PEWEE
Born: December 5, 2012
Hours after birth....
He's the last baby out.
The chubbiest!
Excited much to take care of you pups!
Cherry Maning



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