Sunday, December 16, 2012

Feeding proper

Our Asseembly time, 5:30 am. We traveled for hours and this is what we saw along the way,
First stop, New Bataan Municipal Hall. We had our courtesy call to the Mayor and other officials. They sent with us people to guide and assist us in the activity.
This is the venue for our feeding activity. The place they call the GRAND STAND.

The evacuees.


The Feeding Activity



After serving 6 big caldero (pot) of Arroz Caldo serving hundreds of evacuees, it's time for us to eat along with other volunteers from other teams like Red Cross, officers or workers from the municipal hall and even the soldiers.

SInce we still have 14 more pots of Arroz Caldo, we headed to another evacuation center and feed the people there.

Up next, our trip to Andap New Bataan Compostela Valley Province and the reason why we were not able to feed the people there.




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