Sunday, December 16, 2012

Feeding HIS people

What started last year as an unplanned feeding activity on the streets with GMA reporter Real Sorroche, now became an extensive project to feed people at New Bataan Compostela Valley Province with hot meals especially the children and the elderly at the evacuation site.

At first, it was an ambitious project. I never thought it was possible. But because of the people who's been very supportive and cooperative. We made it a reality.

I got lots of people to thank for but I'll start first with the team, the Angels as I call them.
Aileen Aala is my partner in this endeavor. She's a superwoman. Her untiring effort as the treasurer/auditor and secretary of this project is very much appreciated. She's the backbone. She was able to raise the funds through her generous family and friends monetary donations and was able to find a sponsor for our very comfortable transport to the area.

By the way I will be mentioning all our sponsors in my next blog. I'll give credit to whom it is due.
Dotty Ibanez, my co-host at Una Ka Bai also gave her full support in this project. She's our photographer. She was able to find sponsors for the feeding program. Also, she brought lots of tasty and delicious bread for the team and the people of New Bataan. By the way, cheese bread of GL bakery is my favorite. And I appreciate very much that she was able to manage our MTS booth for the charity bazaar even without me.

Thank you Dots for your patience, kindness and understanding.

Juvy Ann Barro and Bon Barro, the hardworking couple who made 3,000 stubs with the use of tarpaulins even with last minute instructions. They only slept for an hour but still they joined us in the feeding program. Juvy is very responsible and fun to be with. Bon is also very supportive to Juvy and all of us. He's been the partner of my mama in identifying recipients with stubs and markings.

Slord Chua and Maris Pagdalian, our prayer leaders, good looking and always fresh, are good team players. We were not even classmates in college but they were committed to help us and be with us all throughout the activity. Their presence made the experience much more memorable, fun and inspiring.

I love you guys. Without you, these things wouldn't be made possible.

More pictures in my next blog.



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