Monday, December 3, 2012

D' Luxe Collection

I've been blogging using my iPad for quite sometime now. Thanks to Blogsy! I can blog anytime and anywhere! You know how much I love to update you guys with the latest happenings around and even share to you trends in fashion and make-up society. Well, after a while I'm back to blogging using my personal computer once again. It's because today we will talk about FASHION and the pictures below are of high-quality taken from the official photo shoot of SIMPLE and CHIC last month. I got raw pictures and I made few adjustments, cropping and editing.

Anyway, here's D' Luxe Line Collection of SIMPLE and CHIC.

Dresses for the CHRISTMAS SEASON! :)
falalala lala la la

Buy yourself and a loved one! It's the season of giving!!!

Me and  Dotty IbaƱez for SIMPLE & CHIC Online Boutique 

If you wanna avail of these, just visit Simple & Chic online by clicking this link --> I wanna visit S&C

And because you visited my blog I will give you a sneak peak of the next collection! How bout that?



Cherry Maning

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