Friday, December 28, 2012

Concert Queen

The singing duo is back!

Last night, Dotty and I went out with our GMA friends. And again, we had a great concert! It was a DIVA night and our audience ( Vlad and Donna ) were so happy to hear us, live! (weehhh)

Our talent was discovered months ago when we sang an Aegis song, Halik.

Due to insistent public demand, we sang again during one of our fellowship nights at GMA.
I really don't know if all the applause was for our unique talent or was it for our showmanship and xfactor on stage? Maybe I should just upload a sample for you to know. Lol.

But anyway, everyone's happy and that's the only thing that's important. Singing our hearts out in a funny and joyful way with all our feelings truly is a perfect way to entertain our hardworking and serious workmates.

Til our next laugh trip!
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