Sunday, December 23, 2012

Birthday Bash

It's Maricel Posadas' 30th birthday last 12.21.12! It's one of the four parties I've visited that day and I'm so glad that I was ale to catch up though their house is really far far far away from downtown area.
Here's a big hug for the birthday girl.
Wearing a yellow-green printed silk jacket I bought at Chimes Specialty Store. I love this jacket! It is not bulky and it is very light. Thus, it's handy, comfortable and fasioanble. It costs around 1,300 php. There are other prints and I really wish to have them all.
Now let's go back to birthdays. I wonder how it is like if I reach my 30th birthday. Will I be like Ate Mariz who's very active and vibrant? Well I think if I reach my early 30s and still remain single, i will feel pressured. It doesn't mean though that it is depressing. There are still a lot of single, hot and happy girls in 30's. I just think that the ideal age of settling down is 26. But then again,that's just my own opinion.
The transition from 20s to 30s may be hard to some. But what's iportant is that we celebrate another year of life. That in itself is a blessing. as we age, we should should remember to keep our hearts, mind and soul forever young. Don't lose the youthfulness of your spirit. AGE is just a number.

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