Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Working Girl

Hello I'm back from my weekend vacation and I'm so happy to be blogging once again.

By the way, I've already announced the lucky winner of 500 peso worth Gift Certificate in my contest:


Thank you also to my besh, Farah Zamora for spending time reading the answers and choosing the winner. 

Love ya!

Here's her blog:


Let's get started! Since the working girl is back, here's my picture taken earlier after Una Ka Bai

This is still from Simple and Chic, our official UKB sponsor.

If you can see the fabric, its like knitted. I'm not yet sure what this fabric is.
You might have an idea :) pls tell me.

Well, Budget Barbie showed me a picture of another style using this fabric, also so fab!

I'm excited to use it.
I also bought shirts/top of this fabric from FOREVER21.


Hey! my next posts will be about my new make-up picks.

You should wait for that!

Also, hair care/styling blog today if time permits.
Oh my there's so much to Blog about :)

Hope you guys subscribe!


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