Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three Fruitful Months

 If I could only hug and kiss you all...


Cherry Mae F. Maning, BLOGGER

It's my 3rd month blogging! Horaaaay!!! What started as a hobby is now finally growing bigger and bigger everyday. Why I blog? I love to share stories. I have a huge network of facebook friends and twitter friends. When I post a picture with a short description, hundreds of people like it but a photo can't speak for the whole experience. I wanted a much upclose and a more intimate social media connection for the people who love to follow me. I like to speak more and post more pictures everyday. Blogging for me is like writing on my diary and I am so overwhelmed that a lot of people want to know what my day looks like.  

Statistics show that cherryficlife garnered...

Almost 62,000 Unique Pageviews in just 3 months...

Top 10 All Time Favorite Posts


To my 64 followers and to all the subscribers...
To my dear SPONSORS

From the bottom of my HEART <3
Thank You soooooo MUCH!

This was my ouitfit on my way to the photoshoot yesterday


Cherry Maning

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