Friday, November 23, 2012

The Young Photomaster

Raw and Unedited pictures by Neil John Luayon.

Can't help but be amazed by this talented, bubbly young photographer who's making a mark in the photography industry here in Davao.

Neil John started photography as a hobby back in 2008 with his first camera/DSLR. He learned through experience and didn't even attend a single workshop. But his passion and love for photography made him pursue this as a career. He keeps on improving himself and widens his perspective. He loves shooting landscape but now ventures in portrait and macrophotography.

No wonder, his works are much appreciated by people because he gives his full potential in his passion for photography... Long way to go NeilJohn!

Neil carrying my Lumix :))
You can also visit his page at: Neil John Photography

Thanks for my wonderful photos. I'll be waiting for the processed and enhanced pic although your raw pics are already jaw-dropping. Thanks Neil!!! :)

Cherry Maning

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