Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Godmother

Candlelighting during the baptismal rites symbolizes lighting the path of the newly baptized that she may live a Christlike life and emulate values and characters that are pleasing to the eyes of God. 

Baby Chayhua's Christening today at Sacred Heart Parish.
My 11th inaanak for the record :)
She's the first child and daughter of Cess and Sanson, my college pals.

At the reception, I made an impromptu speech in behalf of all the godmothers.
WELCOME to the Christian World Chayhua!
My gift is really cute. Hope to see baby Chay wear it.


Me and my sis with the lovely couple, Nesty and Rochelle, college lovebirds.

The flowers and the members of altasociedad
Today, I dressed in light color knitted/ lace three-fourths top from Forever21 and yellow bandage skirt.
My shoes are from Charles and Keith, the lightest and most wearable shoes i can use anytime and anywhere - my everyday lovey.
Why do we have to wear black and white on baptisms?
It's not necessary though but babies from 0-3 months only appreciate black and white well sometimes red or green because their eyesights are not yet fully developed.

2 months
Your baby could see color from birth, but he had difficulty distinguishing similar tones, such as red and orange. That's one reason he preferred black-and-white or high-contrast patterns. For the next few months, his brain's at work learning to distinguish colors. As a result, he'll probably begin to show a preference for bright primary colors and more detailed and complicated designs. Encourage this development by showing him pictures, photos, books, and toys. For the next couple of months, he'll also be perfecting his object-tracking skills.

By the way, I'm so full today.
I cheated on my diet.
But it's okay coz I had so much fun.
Sarap ng food.

Happy Ninang

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