Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tatiana's Meet and Greet

It wasn't long ago when Tatiana announced on Facebook that she'd arrange a meet and greet session with me and some lucky customers of Tatiana.

And last Thursday, Tatiana already picked the lucky ones. horay!!!

Tatiana page : "And we have our three lucky winners! They have been randomly selected to meet and greet Cherry Maning this weekend. Congratulations to MARY FLOR CALANAS, RITCHELLE JOY TIAGA, and DONNA MAE ALFARO! Thank you and see you this weekend! ♥"

And here they are!....

see how beautiful these gals are! They're also as fashionista as me.

From left: Donna, Flor and Joy

Donna is a fellow Assumptionist. She's 4years ahead of me but i never had the chance to meet her in campus or know her not until now. She came there with her husband who's so supportive and loving. And like everyone else, she looks simply stunning in her see-through top and maong shorts.

Flor came all the way from Compostela Valley. I remember back before, she messaged me on Facebook asking me about my blush and all my other make-ups. I think that was even way back before I started blogging. She's pretty and so Kikay at the same time, elegant with her gray and black striped dress.

Joy is the sweetest. She looks really young and cute.You can never tell that she already is a mom of an equally pretty princess. I am truly amazed... She's from General Santos City and she traveled very far just to see me today. Isn't it so heartwarming?

Meet and Greet!

The idea of "meet and greet" was really great but to be honest, at first I doubted if there'd be people who'd really go out of their way just to see me. Again, im not an artista :) But even though I was kinda pessimistic, I was hopeful though. It was a favor I'm doing for Tatiana who's been generous to me and of course to my ever supportive followers.

The QUESTION and ANSWER portion

These girls really moved my heart. You see, it's such a pleasure to spend an hour with the people who love you and appreciate you even if they don't know you that well. Even if the only way they've come to know of my existence is through television or social media they've spent their time, money and effort.They all walked the distance just to see me and be with me for a while. I was even asking myself, what have I done to deserve all these. I'm not an artista. :) What I'm doing is just to share whatever I have to the whole wide world... My knowledge, my skills, my abilities, some tips, some great pictures I took, etc. and do my job. In return, I get more blessings and more reasons to thank God for and to be happy about. I'm so loved by the people (with the exception of the few) hehe...


Of course, I'd like to thank Samantha de Leon, the owner, for being the instrument for the four of us to connect and become friends in real world.

Tatiana, thank you so much.





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