Friday, November 16, 2012

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited 2012

Take note of the spelling!

Hello Barbie dolls and make-up addicts. It's time to blog about my make-up additions. I should've done this a long time ago for the benefit of those who really love my make-up and also for those who'd like to know my make-up of choice! Recently, I've tried to explore other make-up brands and oh my God! I love this 'not so new' brand that I've come across when I visited Manila earlier this month. It's.... Shu Uemura! (not mura though) lol.

Not so new? Actually, it's been on the industry for years and I've known of my friends in Cebu Pacific back before who are so addicted to this brand. But you see, I'm a thrifty gal and really practical when it comes to cosmetics so I didn't buy any. Besides! There's no Shu Uemura Store in Davao yet. Update me if there's any.

Just because I was so bored that time, I've been strolling at Rockwell for hours, I stopped over their store. And since I can't just try any of their foundations and pressed powders because I'm too afraid for skin breakouts (no no for TV), I tried the safest product to use -lipsticks.

First question, "Do you have a matte lipstick?". Predictable. You guys know that I'm not using any moisture lipstick. It's always matte or semi-matte. Im not comfortable with moisture lipsticks. It's not for me.

And these I've found.

How could you not LOVE this lipstick? It's really hard to find a matte lipstick with the variety of colors to choose. It's so difficult! Apart from Ever Bilena Matte Products and 4u2 semi-matte lipsticks, and of course MAC Ruby Woo Matte, what's the next best thing? It's this Rouge Collection.


I bought two matte lipsticks: MCR 342 (salmon) and MPK 376 (fuchsia). Each costs P1,250.00.

My own review...

COLOR: perfect! TEXTURE: perfect!, LONGLASTING: not so, DRIES your lips: yes. But just use Burt's Bees Lip Moisture before using the product and pat it dry then top it with matte. It'll be fine.

Sample pics: Click these--> MCR 342 (salmon) and MPK 376 (fuchsia)

Other products I use: an old post click -->MAKE UP ESSENTIALS

Try it and see for yourself. I highly recommend it.


Kisses for all,



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