Tuesday, November 20, 2012

She's Late

Just an outfit post for today, Tuesday.

I woke up really late today.
My alarm clock worked. It sounded but I pressed the wrong key and dismissed it.
As a result, I ended up picking my own clothes today instead of my using the sponsored clothes from Ms. Karen Tay.
Because I wanna give justice to the sponsored clothes given to me.
If I'm to showcase it, I should dress up prepared to give justice to my outfit.
If I'm late, I pick the most convenient, readily available and uncomplicated outfit.
Here it is....
I never even thought about this outfit.
When I saw the top, I picked it
and since I don't wanna wear skirt, I pulled the red pants.
If it looks good or not, if the color complements each other, I didn't care.
I was running out of time.
This is what you call a wonderful accident.
The late Cherry Maning (knock on wood ).
Top: Stall at DavCon Bazaar
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bag: Charles and Keith
Weather is so gloomy and it's so cold outside. It's rainy season in the Philipines! Wet and wild Tuesday it is...
Cherry Maning.

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