Thursday, November 8, 2012

Resto to "Quote"

GRAB A CRAB at Abreeza Mall, Davao City, Philippines.
Second time to visit Grab a Crab on our weekly 'beshy' date and it's only now that I've recognized the wall art.
Well of course we weren't able to appreciate the interior since we were seated near the entrance the last time.
The restaurant is surrounded with "quotable quotes" from famous persons posted on the walls reminding people about the value of TIME, LOVE and FRIENDSHIP. Awesome right?!
Here's what you have to read!
Bottom right,
"True love stories never have endings"
So if it ends, maybe it just wasn't meant to be...
Make one person happy everyday :)
Live your life to the fullest!
The ambiance is really solemn and peaceful which is perfect for couples who'd like to be a little bit romantic... But if you're lucky enough to be single like me, you can share the place with your pretty friends.

Our special guest, Ann Marie Padua.
Budget Barbie PH
Forever 21
Farah and I love it here! Coz if not, we wouldn't even come back here and order the same food we ordered just last week. :) yep! The LEMON CHICKEN double the order.
Grab a Crab Specialty Rice

Ready to eat?
Grab a Crab!
Oh well yeah! I may not be dating anyone right now
but I'm definitely having a blast with my girl friends.
The best is yet to come...
cherry maning

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