Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Outback Grill

Watch out for that plane!

"It's more than just the food. It's about the EXPERIENCE and AMBIANCE"

-Andrew Worsley

Today I visited Outback Grill, a very unique restaurant located at Bacaca, Davao City.The store opens at 5pm but we were there earlier to feature one of their best sellers for Mangaon Ta Bai Segment.

On the exterior looking at the roof, you will find a crashed airplane. Catches attention right? But wait, there's more! Stepping inside this awesome place, you will notice that it's structural and architectural design resembles that of an ancient gathering place of natives in the middle of the jungle.

The Story Behind....
Early 1940s, Cross family from Texas USA traveled around the world to collect rare animals for the wildlife park they own. Unfortunately, a huge storm came and their airplane crashed. They were all lucky enough to evacuate the plane and survive the crash. In search for animal survivors, they went near the crash site and Lund out that it was a place of gathering. They took refuge on the site thinking that it was abandoned but soon enough, some natives went over the place and found the Cross family. They were saddened to see their place destroyed and so the family decided to offer them gold and living supplies. A native leader told that it was already prophesied that there will be men and women from above who will come down and save them from hunger. They were the miracle that they've waited for, the natives thought. They were so happy for the miracle that they've prepared a feast and invited other neighboring natives.

What's inside OUTBACK GRILL?

  • Rare Animals

  • Some artifacts dated 1940s owned by the Cross Family




  • The place of GATHERING


  • The FEAST



  • The Wash Area


Cool! isn't it?There's a lot more to discover there! The creativity and uniqueness of the restaurant attracts more people to come back everytime. The ambiance provides a perfect experience of what it is to be on a feast in ancient times. Plus! The mouthwatering dishes they serve are to die for.


Lots of fun activities awaits the customers dining. Truly exciting!


I would definitely come back to this restaurant on night time to experience the fun and festivity and meet other natives (lol). And maybe try the GOLIATH CHALLENGE? Uhmmm... I'm nt quite sure about that though. Lets talk about it next time. But I promise to be back here one Friday night to join the celebration.

I love the food... the ambiance...

The total experience was tremendously AWESOME!!!

See ya soon sire!


Cherry Maning



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