Saturday, November 10, 2012

Organizing Your Accessories

Hi gals! I'm actually organizing my stuff today. If you're like me who's got gazillion of accessories,might as well consider having this in your closet...
Of course, you can't place in here the pricey ones like your Techo Marine, Gucci, Philip Stein watches or your bracelets and other jewelries because you have to have a high quality jewelry box with double lock feature for those and hide it in your vault. Besides, those that I've mentioned have high maintenance. It should be kept well and very well taken care of.
This organizer is for your fancy accessories that you pull in and out everyday and those that you consider "no brainers" , meaning, things that comes first in your mind when you want to be "kikay".
In front are compartments where you can insert your necklace or bracelets and earrings, etc. While at the back, are hooks where you can hang your non collapsible necklace and those bulky ones that can't fit in the compartments.
What's good with this organizer is that it's huge (3 feet in height) It has many compartments (30). It's not space consuming. And it helps you figure out what to put on and mix and match since it exhibits/shows everything in a glance. It's the perfect way to organize your accessories. Certified: Kikay-Must-Have!


Cherry Maning

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