Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh My Short Hair!

Surprise!!! Shorty Short Hair :) You like it? Well, ladies and gentleman may I present to you my real hair.

Feeling like Eva Mendez? Haha... It's my pimple!

This is how short my real hair is. I removed my hair extensions last night with the help of my sister, Grace. Well my head wants to feel lighter. My scalp wants to breathe.

I've been using hair extensions for two years and It's part of the maintenance that you have to remove and re attach it every now and then. You grow your hair and eventually, the metal holes will become too obvious.

I don't know yet until when I can keep up without my hair extensions but as of now, I feel comfortable with my short hair. I'm feeling fresh and carefree.

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Happy Happy LIFE!

Thank GOD!


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