Friday, November 9, 2012

My Personal Pick

My personal favorite!

Pictures taken after Una Ka Bai.
Photo credits to Dorothy Ibanez.

Visiting the place of Ms. Karen Tay, I saw this beautiful dress and I just can't let go of it. I was just accompanying my friend who's interested to buy her stuff. As you all know, Ms. Karen Tay is a wholesaler.

I got too many dresses delivered to me last month but oh my God! I couldn't stop myself. I felt like I couldn't sleep without taking it home with me (lol).
So with a sweet sweet smile, I asked Ms. Karen if I could wear it today at UKB.
(you probably know how it is hehe)
She was smiling coz she knew very well that I was excited for her approval even though I know that the answer is "yes".
I was super thrilled.

So here's the happy Cherry...

Fashionably elegant and sweet!
Wouldn't you wanna have one?

Super doooper thank you Simple & Chic!
I love it!


Cherry Maning.

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