Friday, November 30, 2012

My Goodies

Hair Talk once again. I'm sharing to you my hair styling tools and accessories. My brand of choice is GOODY.

It is an international brand of hair care tools recognized by many countries across the globe for the quality products they produce in the market.

my tools
1. For girls with Short to Medium hair length like mine who want a volumed up hair and bouncy curls at the tip,it is advisable that you buy this round brush for styling. Use a blower upon styling. Hair should also be damp. (550+ php)

2. (In the middle ) my medium sized vanity mirror. (180php)

3. Comb. After taking a bath, it's best to use this flexible ouchless comb so that hair won't break. Treat your hair nicely and take care of your scalp. (200+ php)

My Only Accessory
This is my newest cute little thing. I super love the golden ribbon. It looks simple yet elegant. I bought this at Forever 21 for 160php. I use this when I'm having a bad hair day.

So there you have it! Blog about my hair care routine will be posted soon.

Keep on coming back for more info.


Cherry Maning

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