Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meeting Jayrose

For me, the most rewarding and soul-satisfying thing in this world is
to make someone genuinely happy.

JAYROSE is the lucky winner of the 500pesos worth of Gift Certiicate in the contest

Her answer was all about how she was inspired to do the best that she can in her studies
amidst all the difficulties she encountered as a working student.

Earlier today

Handing her the Gift Certificate


I do hope, that you'll continue to strive hard to reach greater heights someday.
And as a future educator create an atmosphere of hope for your students so that they'll
PERSEVERE and WORKHARD for a better future.

"GOod, Better, Best..,
never let it rest..,
Til your GOOD is BETTER
and your BETTER is BEST"

"You CAN if you WILL"

Once again, congratulations Jayrose!


OVERSIZED BLAZER : Simple and Chic
SKIRT: Budget Barbie PH
NECKLACE: HEDZ Accessories
EARRINGS: Forever 21


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