Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Wear Oversized Blazer

I love blazers. I really do. When I saw all the four colored blazers from SIMPLE and CHIC, I was so overwhelmed.
I love wearing blazers the street-style.
But these blazers i have now are no ordinary.

To be honest, it was difficult for me to figure out how to look stunning, elegant, and chic in this oversized blazer.

Unlike all the other blazers I've worn on this blog,
this one seemed so hard to style.

Considering the ff:

Color- Teal Green.
Size - Oversized. Male type. No curves.
No paddings.
It's plain huge sized.

Chances are: It's hard color match. I don't wanna look too colorful today by pairing it with colorful bandage skirts. I don't wanna end up paring it with neon prints. I want a style different from the blazer posts I've done.
I need to look formal and edgy. But I don't wanna be boring.
And my greatest problem: l don't wanna look baggy especially on TV.

It was in 2009 that boyfriend shirts became very popular. Then on spring 2012, the neon colored oversized blazers suddenly became a trend.
Kim Kardashian was one of those trendsetters in Hollywood.

I confronted my fears and tried to look for solutions.

Color: back to basic! Black and white combination. It exudes elegance.
Size: It's oversized because it's the trend. It was really designed that way.
So there's no need to alter it.

How not to look bulky?
Show more skin. My white inner top has a very low neckline - mid-chest level, it is a sleeveless with ruffles from top to bottom. It is also longer than my blazer.

Black tights highlights the top. It also creates an illusion of a slimmer legs
which I unfortunately don't have...hehe

Sexy black and gold open-toed stilettos make you look taller with an illusion of longer legs.
It adds up to the executive look I want yo achieve.

It's time to accessorize!

Yellow green gems with metal lining.
Stylish! Isn't it?
It makes people focus more on my neck /collar bones and see more skin.
White pearl with diamonds around it for my earrings.

Manly but chic and elegant.


Success! I was able to keep up with the trend.

In the next few days, I'll be wearing my pop pink, royal blue and bloody red oversized blazers and I'll show you other unique ways to wear it. Keep posted.


Cherry Maning

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