Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hair Talk: Curls in 10 minutes

Aloha! How's your day?
Today, for the first time, Im going to show you how I style my hair from straight to curly.
I really love my hair straight but there are times that 'straight' becomes too boring.
I seldom tie my hair up in ponytail coz I have hair extensions.
I can do it though but it won't look nice because some metal holes become too obvious.
If you have a problem with your hairstyle and you want something new, why not try some curls?
If you want some curls and you want to do it yourself in ten minutes, follow the steps.
Number 1, put on your gloves... You don't want to end up with burns.
You can also use a towel or bathrobe to protect your shoulders and back from intense heat.
Plug in and switch on your curling iron.
This curling iron is really unique.
Among all curling irons I've used, this
Conical one is the most effective, easy to use and also, it creates long lasting curls that even if you sleep on it, it'll still be curly.
Trust me when I say that the curls will last even upto 24 hours.
A new beauty weapon that I believe
Let's begin.Comb your hair before you iron it.
A brush with soft bristles will soften your hair and
will make hair look bouncy even after exposure to curling iron.
Section your hair into layers.
Then curl strands of your hair unto the conical rod and wait 20 seconds before you release it.
Check your curls.
Finish one side first before the other.
Repeat the same step on the next layer.
It's up to you how you adjust the length of your curls.
I'm done :)
It's that easy!
So if you're tired of wearing your hair flat and straight,
add some bouncy sexy curls
in just 10 minutes...

Visit the site:

Curls for a more gorgeous you!

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