Thursday, November 15, 2012

Etude Bubble Hair Coloring

Hi there! Let's talk about hair once again.

Yesterday I decided to color my hair dark. Before, I used to dye my hair often with colors like red, burgundy, mahogany etc., but lately, I discovered that coloring my hair black makes me look younger and fresher and even whiter. Also, black hair exudes formality and authority especially on cam.

My pictures yesterday showed that I've grown my natural dark brown hair. So I have to color it again.

I've used Loreal hair Color before and I'm happy with the results, darker and thicker and silky straight hair. By the way, instead if using black, try "dark brown" shade of Loreal because it will yield the same result as black. But the difference is, when you use dark brown, it's easy for you to shift to another lighter shade the next time. Using black, it's already extreme so you can't color it with lighter shades any more or any other color the next time. This is true to Wella products also.

Cherry Maning
So yesterday, Dotty introduced me to Étude Bubble Hair Coloring. Applying the same formula in choosing Loreal shades, I immediately chose Dark Brown. But I was wrong.

I forgot that Etude is an ASIAN BRAND and is specially designed for the crowning glory of Asians, black hair. What I see is what I get. It colored my hair brown. So I went back to Étude to buy black. And here's the result...

Soft and shiny black hair! Étude bubbling hair color is a very nice product. It costs only P 387. It's cool to the scalp because it's Bubble forming. It's not messy to apply. It also comes with protective tools like a pair of gloves and a cellophane bib (Only in etude). It's very affordable. It smells great also unlike other brands with harsh chemicals that will suffocate you. Bubbling hair color smells like shampoo, very fragrant!

I recommend it to all Asian women.

Cherry Maning

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