Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brandeis Blue

Goodbye October! It's officially over so say hello to November!!!

It's the first day of the month, we should all begin with a BLAST.
By the way, how's your first day doing so far?

Here in the Philippines we celebrate ALL SAINTS Day every first of November and visiting churches is the number one priority especially among Catholics. So don't forget to visit your churches and pray.

Speaking of churches, wear something comfortable and conservative like my UKB outit for today.

My UKB Outfit by Karen Tay of Simple and Chic Necklace: Heds Accessories
Brandei's Blue Chiffon Top
Brown Bandage Skirt.

my Fashion Formula:

Oversized Top + Tight Fitting Pants/ Skirt

This fashion formula worked perfectly today.
The thing with oversized blouses, if not perfectly combined with the right bottoms, you will look really large or bulky. And we don't want that to happen.

The tight fitting bandage skirt compensates for the bulky tops since it shows the curves creating a perfect balance... Just like Yinyang.
Chinese believe in Balance and Equilibrium.
It's a principle that they follow especially in Feng Shui.

And this toy is made in China (hehehe) kidding.
Pardon the child in me :))

Balance between Yin and Yang makes the world go round.

Moving on...
If we talk about colors, as you can see I have a very beautiful top.

It's color is Brandeis Blue, a shade of Azure Blue.

It's a very attractive color. It's a bright and striking shade of Azure.

Still, applying the Yingyang principle,
I paired it with a Khaki Brown skirt, a neutral color.

See the difference between the shades of Azure?

I am also playful at times.
I play with different colors.
But I only combine two striking candy colors (neons) when I'm outdoors.
It looks good on bright lights but not so much in low light and night time.

For me, neutral and striking color balance is still the safest and the most pleasant to the eyes color combination.

Cherry Maning

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