Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BonChon Davao

Meet the construction workers (Dotty and I). That's what our workmates call us. Beauty Queen figure but eats like a construction worker tired and so hungry after all the hard days work.

We claimed our prize today for being the (ehem) champions of the "Scarevengers" hunt. Dinner time at BonChon.

Twelve pieces Spicy Chicken Wings, four cups of rice, iced tea, and French fries... All for the two of us.

Well, if you doubt if we can finish the course, well... Yes we did!

So yummylicious!
It's the tastiest spicy chicken wings ever!

Break muna... Then, second round na!

Super full! This is the last remaining piece!

wow! What a dinner :)

I love BonChon!!!

After dinner, we went to the Travel Club to claim our bags.

Thanks SM City Davao for the treat and Budget Barbie for my blazer

So happy!


Cherry Maning

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