Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boating Adventure

Have you been to Lantaw Bukid at Tugbok, Davao City, Philippines?

Well if not, I will show you the pictures we took there so that you'd have an idea of what the place looks like should you wish to visit there some time.

I've been there Saturday ( yesterday ) for our GMA Sports Fest 2012, which I must say, one the most enjoyable and memorable event I've attended for almost 2 1/2 years of stay in the company.

Lantaw Bukid is quite far from downtown area. It is 45 minutes drive away from my house.

Upon reaching the venue, the first thing I did was to try boating with these lovely ladies of GMA Davao.

"Row row row your boat!"

lovely chics rocked the boat

The sailors and the tourist, who's holding a camera that doesn't have any battery lol.

Aren't we so happy?

Why is my paddle so short by the way?

We should synchronize, I guess.... Coz we're not going any farther.
Dragon Team of the Philippines heading home ...
More pictures soon...

Photo credits: Maricel Posadas


Cherry Maning


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