Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Air Supply in Davao 11/20/12

Hey Karaoke King and Queen! What can you say about the major concert last night? Have you been there? Luckily, I was there.

Something I didn't plan ahead...
Something that just came...
Air Supply Live in Davao!
I really didn't have plans of watching their concert last night though I am a big fan of them. It was a blessing and the bonus, I'm seated on the first row with my parents.
Air Supply's second concert in Davao was very successful. It was held at USEP Gymnasium last night, November 21, 2012. There were lots of people who came to watch the show. The crowd was a mix of sexes and ages. I couldn't say that there were more adults than young ones or the other way around. This only proves that their music transcends through time and affects people from all walks of life including me.
The crowd went wild when the international singing duo came out on stage at around 8:30 pm. And more so when they started singing their hitsongs such as Lost in Love, Here I am, Even the Nights are Better, Every Woman in the World, Just as I am and many more.
Those were the songs that I grew up with, the songs that my mom kept playing over and over again. As a result, everyone in the house memorized the lyrics. And to all jukebox quen and king, those were the most requested hits of the singing duo.
Seated on the first row felt like I was more connected with them and their songs and I was like singing along with them the whole time. The band, wrapped up with their song : All out of Love!

My mother took my photos. I gathered all my confidence to stand in front of the crowd and pose while the two were playing and singing their last set. RUSSEL saw what we were doing and then he posed behind my back. See? so kind.
GMA NEWS about the concert.
Lucky Me,
Cherry Maning

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