Friday, November 30, 2012

My Goodies

Hair Talk once again. I'm sharing to you my hair styling tools and accessories. My brand of choice is GOODY.

It is an international brand of hair care tools recognized by many countries across the globe for the quality products they produce in the market.

my tools
1. For girls with Short to Medium hair length like mine who want a volumed up hair and bouncy curls at the tip,it is advisable that you buy this round brush for styling. Use a blower upon styling. Hair should also be damp. (550+ php)

2. (In the middle ) my medium sized vanity mirror. (180php)

3. Comb. After taking a bath, it's best to use this flexible ouchless comb so that hair won't break. Treat your hair nicely and take care of your scalp. (200+ php)

My Only Accessory
This is my newest cute little thing. I super love the golden ribbon. It looks simple yet elegant. I bought this at Forever 21 for 160php. I use this when I'm having a bad hair day.

So there you have it! Blog about my hair care routine will be posted soon.

Keep on coming back for more info.


Cherry Maning

Thursday, November 29, 2012

J.Co Doughnuts

Late post :) I know right?! Special thanks to my friend, Dotty Ibanez for bringing home J.Co for us last Monday.
My first bite.
Fluffy, delicious, and the sweetness is just right.
It's far different from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
but I can't say which one is more delicious.
no J.Co yet here in Davao. She bought this when she went to Manila over the weekend.

Thanks Dotty


Cherry Maning

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three Fruitful Months

 If I could only hug and kiss you all...


Cherry Mae F. Maning, BLOGGER

It's my 3rd month blogging! Horaaaay!!! What started as a hobby is now finally growing bigger and bigger everyday. Why I blog? I love to share stories. I have a huge network of facebook friends and twitter friends. When I post a picture with a short description, hundreds of people like it but a photo can't speak for the whole experience. I wanted a much upclose and a more intimate social media connection for the people who love to follow me. I like to speak more and post more pictures everyday. Blogging for me is like writing on my diary and I am so overwhelmed that a lot of people want to know what my day looks like.  

Statistics show that cherryficlife garnered...

Almost 62,000 Unique Pageviews in just 3 months...

Top 10 All Time Favorite Posts


To my 64 followers and to all the subscribers...
To my dear SPONSORS

From the bottom of my HEART <3
Thank You soooooo MUCH!

This was my ouitfit on my way to the photoshoot yesterday


Cherry Maning

Monday, November 26, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do...

Let's talk about heartaches Hahaha... I think this is the very first time I'm gonna talk about my "not so recent" breakup. I'm not gonna share to you all the details as to why, when, how, who... Etc.. Of course, I'm not gonna dig up what I buried 6 feet below the ground for almost 10 months now.
The purpose of this blog is actually to give a bit of idea or shed some light to all those experiencing a breakup. I'm not playing Dr. Love here. :) All I want is to cater to some questions about how to deal with it and the likes...
I'm gonna share to you what I read on the Internet and how it helped me. Do you know who's the famous Single Woman? She's no other than Mandy Hale of this blog! (click)
She offers a lot of sound advices to all other single ladies in the whole wide world. One blog that I've read that truly made me turn the tables, and decide for myself to really let go is this:

Why Letting Go & Moving On is the Most TITANIC Decision You'll Ever Make (click here)

Sometimes it's hard but we need to let go. If love dies, you don't have to die with it. There's a whole new life waiting for you... Bigger and better. When I decided to let go, I finally learned to love myself more and my family. I channeled my energy towards fulfilling my goals and then one by one my dreams came true.
Before that, it was a long battle. It wasn't easy for me... I ventured to a lot of productive things, pampered myself, etc. Also, I suddenly became a bookworm for self help books. Hahaha. I think it's what women like me do... I've even known people who form groups somewhat like "AA or Alcoholics Anonymous" where single women gather to share books and inspirational words and insights until they finally withdraw from their sorrowful past. And for many, it helps.
Today, I'm gonna share to you one of the funny/intersting books I've read that kept me laughing and laughing during my supposed to be "depressed" moments.
It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken by Greg and Amiira Behrendt
My friend handed me a copy of this book. It took me few days to read all of it. Actually, if you're too eager to read it you could finish it in a day or hours. But it's best to read it in a longer stretch of time. There are exercises in between chapters and activities that you can do or share with your breakup buddy, and more.
It was only today that I was able to have my own copy. Why did I buy one? I have to keep one just in case I end up broken hearted again?.. Lol... No! I just want to add this in my book collection. This book really moved me and helped me in many ways. Unplanned, I visited Fully Booked in Abreeza Mall and saw this one last copy. It was meant for me! :)
Another book I bought which I'm reading now is...
Mind you guys, I'm not in search for Mr. Right. I just want to know "The Rules". It might help me one day. I'll update you about the book after I finish reading it. :)
Hope this blog will help you guys! Remember, you can if you will. You can forget him and move on if you WILL. Happiness is a decision.
cherry maning

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Red Carpet Look

It's once again, GMA Trade Party, a meet and greet occasion with GMA Executives, GMA Artists, and Local Government Units, Corporate Clients, media partners and sponsors. This happens annually before the year ends in order to extend our gratitude to all those who put their trust to the company. And to update everyone of other milestones reached within the year.

There is always room for improvement but even at this point in time, I'm already proud of our local shows especially Una Ka Bai, the show that I've come to love for almost three years of broadcasting. I'm so happy to reap the fruits of our hardwork. And more so to those who've pioneered this program, I know that they also feel proud and happy for what the show has become in five years. Congratulations Kapuso!

Standing tall in my golden stiletto from PRP.
Gown by Ronnie Deleon Nacua of Fazzione Haus.
Make up by the most talented, humble make-up artist I know of, Wyndell Samuya.

From left, Arriel Nengasca (EP Isyu Mindanao & FD UKB), Darios Relatado (Prog. Mgr. News and Public Affairs), Temujin "Tek" Ocampo (Testigo Anchor), Celerina Amores (Vice President GMA Regional Network News &Public Affairs), Darrel Blatchley (Bone Collector, Segment Host UKB), John Paul Seniel (Isyu Mindanao Correspondent, multi-awarded documentarist and film producer/director)

On my right, Margie Montejo-Dacanay, Executive Producer, UKB.

The Performers
La Diva with Mark Bautista

My UKB Lovies (too bad Derf Maiz left earlier)
The show wouldn't be complete without the "institution"/ pioneer of the show, the person who pushed us to become better, MR. DERF MAIZ

Guests and other Kapuso
Angelique or Angeline?
Future Ms. Saigon

Closer look

Closer look at Dotty's gown by Rennaissance

Just having fun at the venue :)

dotty and I

Good Friends

Hotel staff
My makeup artist, Wyndell Samuya

Fun, food, friends...


Cherry Maning

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Young Photomaster

Raw and Unedited pictures by Neil John Luayon.

Can't help but be amazed by this talented, bubbly young photographer who's making a mark in the photography industry here in Davao.

Neil John started photography as a hobby back in 2008 with his first camera/DSLR. He learned through experience and didn't even attend a single workshop. But his passion and love for photography made him pursue this as a career. He keeps on improving himself and widens his perspective. He loves shooting landscape but now ventures in portrait and macrophotography.

No wonder, his works are much appreciated by people because he gives his full potential in his passion for photography... Long way to go NeilJohn!

Neil carrying my Lumix :))
You can also visit his page at: Neil John Photography

Thanks for my wonderful photos. I'll be waiting for the processed and enhanced pic although your raw pics are already jaw-dropping. Thanks Neil!!! :)

Cherry Maning

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hello there! Am I too late to make a post?

It's so sad I wasn't able to take lots of pictures today wearing my lovely dress.

Look at those 3 pretty little cherubims on my dress.

Nice prints huh?

Those angels were sent to make me feel well.

I'm still battling with my flu now.

Hope everything gets better by tomorrow.

This pretty dress is from Simple & Chic.

Well wishes for me pls?


Cherry Maning

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Air Supply in Davao 11/20/12

Hey Karaoke King and Queen! What can you say about the major concert last night? Have you been there? Luckily, I was there.

Something I didn't plan ahead...
Something that just came...
Air Supply Live in Davao!
I really didn't have plans of watching their concert last night though I am a big fan of them. It was a blessing and the bonus, I'm seated on the first row with my parents.
Air Supply's second concert in Davao was very successful. It was held at USEP Gymnasium last night, November 21, 2012. There were lots of people who came to watch the show. The crowd was a mix of sexes and ages. I couldn't say that there were more adults than young ones or the other way around. This only proves that their music transcends through time and affects people from all walks of life including me.
The crowd went wild when the international singing duo came out on stage at around 8:30 pm. And more so when they started singing their hitsongs such as Lost in Love, Here I am, Even the Nights are Better, Every Woman in the World, Just as I am and many more.
Those were the songs that I grew up with, the songs that my mom kept playing over and over again. As a result, everyone in the house memorized the lyrics. And to all jukebox quen and king, those were the most requested hits of the singing duo.
Seated on the first row felt like I was more connected with them and their songs and I was like singing along with them the whole time. The band, wrapped up with their song : All out of Love!

My mother took my photos. I gathered all my confidence to stand in front of the crowd and pose while the two were playing and singing their last set. RUSSEL saw what we were doing and then he posed behind my back. See? so kind.
GMA NEWS about the concert.
Lucky Me,
Cherry Maning