Saturday, October 6, 2012

Good, Better, Best

Yesterday, October 4, 2012 I visited a school at Calinan. It's almost an hour drive from SM Lanang
where me and Dotty had our lunch.

I can opt to continue strolling around and pamper myself but I promised these kids to be with them as 
they celebrate their 17th Founding Anniversary.

I honor my promises and besides I have always thought that after all the blessings that I've received, 
I ought to do a little act of KINDNESS every now and then.

This school started with just few preschoolers seventeen years ago.
Now, it accommodates Kindergarten to High School Students.
Looking at the school environment, I saw the need for improvement. The school lacks
facilities which could better assist the pupils and students in their educational needs.

Total population= 300+ 

August 22, 2012-  I received the letter of invitation from the Principal.


It was truly an honor for me to be invited to grace the occasion.
All of the presentations were entertaining.

The Administration, Faculty and Staff, Parents and Students showcased their talents to the best of their abilities. 


My speech centered on FINDING A DREAM and making it happen through developing the habit of excellence.

What do you really want in life?
What are you willing to sacrifice for it's fulfillment?

Dreams are but Goals that help us set our direction. If we are dedicated towards its achievement,
if we focus all our efforts towards fulfilling it, and if we are motivated enough,
we have a greater chance to succeed.

Formula for Excellence:


"Good, Better, Best... Never let it rest til your GOOD is BETTER and your BETTER is best"

Never settle for anything less!

If a person develops a habit of excellence, which is pushing his/ her self to the limits and going beyond what is expected, he / she will keep on achieving.

We do not become competent and outstanding or become experts in our chosen field overnight. It takes time… a lot of effort and sacrifices. 

 But surely, all our struggles will sharpen our saw.


PANTS: Simple and Chic
SHOES: Charles and Keith


As you celebrate another milestone, may all of you strive harder to improve the quality of what you can offer to the community. Be loyal to your commitment in child’s total development.

We need good and responsible citizens and we trust that you will never fail us.  


  1. your words are truly inspiring cherry! keep up the good work! you are doing great my friend! =)

    for sure they are so happy with your warmth are a role model for excellence. not everyone has developed this habit :)

  2. Good gesture...keep it up! Ironman

  3. wow, dha man ko nagschool sa grade six mga 2000,were only 10 students in whole grade six... miss na nko ang davao... people are so nice, Love yah all.!! specially my great teachers in Lam Learning Center who taught discipline and knowledge in academic also the Word of God..! God Bless maam Cherry..!!

  4. Hello early birds! You guys make me happy :) I'm so excited I wasn't able to sleep well haha... Isn't it obvious? It's heartwarming to know that a Lot of people read my posts. It's weird. I know right. But you see these are things that happen in my life. Simple as it is but experiences teach us lessons and I'm hoping that through sharing it, you too would become happy, inspired and feel well loved.

    I hope guys that you will always visit my blog. Subscribe, comment and don't forget to share the good vibes. :) happy weekend!


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