Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Touch and Go

Here comes me on my latest addiction, blogging! God it's been
a month now and I'm still crazy over this stuff.

Oh I failed to greet myself 'happy monthsary'...

All of these started last August 27, 2012 when I just can't contain my thoughts.
I wanted to share to the whole wide world how wonderful it is
to live my life every single day even if I don't have all the luxury of it.
Well at least I get freebies lol. And I always have something great
to do every now and then which delights me and
surprises me most of the time.

Life is really good. I'm so thankful.

Moving on, here's a glimpse of what I did today.

Of course... The newscast!
I'd like to thank Karen Tay of Simple and Chic for my wonderful top.
And of course, Hedelyn Hong for my Titanic Accessory,
the "heart of the ocean" -necklace.

This guy here 'fatified' himself after the show at the newsroom. Very funny DERF.

In the afternoon, I took part in the Segment Shoot of Mangaon ta Bai.
These people here deserve my congratulations.

Mommy Ai and Daddy Manny, my 'kitchen' parents did a wonderful show
a while ago at Rophe's opening.

Dotty Ibanez, segment host of UKB,
for doing a great job as a newbie in the business.
Way to go girl! Love you!

Rophe! :) the owner of the Restaurant.
Young achiever! Entrepreneur!
Good luck on your business Rophe.
God bless you.

The segment producer wasn't around so I took the part and also
became the floor director.
Well, that means I can also work off cam.

I'm not quite sure if you've noticed but I guess you will by now... Lol.
I'm so red! I had my session today at Rogine's Beauty Care.
Expect my skin to peel in three days :)
Again, "no pain, no gain".

And here's something cute I did today...

I colored my nails with Caronia's Regular Satin!
It's like coloring my nails white using "touch and go"
I guess you know what that is...
Makes me sing the song

" Cause Life is Touch and GO.... Na na na na"

Hope you like it too. :)

Cherry Maning!


  1. Great blog cherry!!:)))) thank you!! da best pic ni derf hahaha..:))

  2. che, tammy here.. ano yung session mo for peeling? how much?:) thanks2! you really look pretty..^_^ lumilevel up..hehe

    1. hi Tammy!:) Nagpapeel ako sa Rogine's... It's located at Camus. Chemical Peeling ito. I have 10 sessions whole body.


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