Friday, October 5, 2012

There is a Problem

It usually takes time before you realize that there is really a problem.

This isn't the usual Cherry Maning.

Am I too stressed and my eyes are really tired?
or Is it because of the glaring lights inside the studio? 
Is it because of too much exposure to computer or iPad?
What's the root cause of this problem?

It's been bothering me lately and it's affecting my work.

Headache, Blurring of Vision... I can't read the prompter!!!!!

When I am not satisfied with one thing, I will always make it a point to find the problem and solve it as soon as possible. I need to think of ways in order for me to perform better. 

Sometimes, when I'm too stressed to think about huge stressors, disappointments and regrets,
all I need is someone to be with me to chill and relax so I could breathe.


TOP: Tatiana

I have made commitments yesterday but I managed to medicate myself before fulfilling those. 

A lunch date with a friend would be therapeutic.

Thanks to DOTTY IBANEZ :) My new found friend for being with me. 

At SM Lanang


TOP: Forever 21
PANTS: Simple and Chic
and Hedelyn Hong's Accessories

"PAG BUSOG, NAAY KUSOG" - Hupong Ang Taong Busog Partylist of Derf Maiz

Reviewing my Script for my Speech Later at Lam Learning Center

Thanks Dotty for the company :)

I decided to visit the optometrist after my Calinan event.

FINDINGS: Myopia and Astigatism.

I'm wearing glasses now.

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