Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Red Queen

I'm so proud of my sister!
Grace Anne is the official representative of their section in the
annual competition, Parade of Caharacters.
She was the one who chose the character she'd portray
She has good taste like me lol.

She won first place!

Queen Iracebeth of Alice in Wonderland has a very unique costume
and face paint...
It was a challenge for the both of us to make her really look like the Red Queen.
But our Hardwork paid off...
I'm her official make-up artist!
So what do you think?
Similar eh?
Here's the big head version
Best editor: Eugene Maning

Grace Anne's classmates and friends
And me!
Super proud!
More than the costume and the make up, what made her win was her performance.
She received standing ovation!
She delivered her lines well in British accent and her acting was convincing.
Her partner did well also!

Some of her friends :)
She was almost too sick to get up earlier today so I medicated her.
Partida! :)

Well today I realized that my sister is also a perfectionist like our eldest,
Ate King.

She's also very keen on details.

she's an achiever.

She wants nothing but the best!

She's beautiful, talented, artistic and very smart.

To Grace, hey sis
we're happy for you.

Ate che


  1. Good evening..ilan pala kayo magkakapatid? Magkapatid na achieviers, talented, beauty queens and smart..wooh...ang bigat...Your parents are so proud of you....

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  3. Congrats to you & your sister! Great job! =)


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