Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Preparation of the Unprepared

Im on my resting state now (supposed to be sleeping) but I really couldn't stop myself from checking the pictures taken earlier today.

I'm all awake so I decided to blog.

I still can't get over the EXTRA CHALLENGE we had a while ago.

Well, me and my friends in the local media -in radio, print and television, had the most thrilling, nerve-racking, breathtaking, brain draining, "stomach upsetting" (lol) halloween adventure at SM Annex.

I can't wait to share everything to you guys.

Actually, I came unprepared today.
The Invitation for a Media get together in celebration of the Holloween came late. I wasn't able to prepare for what I thought was a plain costume party and besides, I've never joined any before. I have no idea what to wear.

This was my outfit in Una Ka Bai. I've only received this dress yesterday from my sponsor, SIMPLE and CHIC. When I saw this, I immediately told myself that among all the dresses I've received this one's my favorite and I will wear this first.

See? So cute, isn't it? sorry for the blur

To accessorize, I opened my jewelry box Full of HEDS ACCESSORIES and chose this... a necklace of black gems and white crystals.

I decided not to go to the media gathering but then again my UKB Buddies convinced me to just go with them.

Main Anchor Derf Maiz during Flashbulletin Taping

I can't figure out what to wear! Then I remembered one suspense movie, THE ORPHAN. And so, wearing an old english style dress, I decided to be ESTHER.
I ripped some black canvass in the storage and made a choker out of it.

Resourceful I am. I know...

So here we are! The vampire, the Zombie and the Orphan.

Call us crazy. We won't deny it ( Coz DENIAL is said to be the first sign of Schizophrenia lol ) but we ate at Jollibee wearing all these stuff with our creepy make-up on. Hahaha

Happy Halloween!

Up next... The main event!


Cherry Maning

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