Thursday, October 25, 2012

Simple & Chic

Good news!
I heard some good news and I won't tell you what it is... for now :)
I want to keep you guessing lol
Let's just hope for the best.

By the way, speaking of GOOD NEWS...

Here's my good friend, Diwa ng Dabaw 2012,

Ms. Dorothy Maruel S. Ibanez.

She's the new segment host of Una Ka Bai :)
Pretty! Isn't she?
Surely, you wouldn't want to miss her segment every morning at Una Ka Bai.
Like me, she's wearing a dress from Simple & Chic.
Being a lover of ROYAL BLUE, I can't afford not to post her pictures wearing this sexy dress.

As for my outfit,

Here's a better view :)

It's cool!

Thanks Ms. Karen Tay !

And guys, do catch us at Una Ka Bai, weekdays, 6:30 am


Cherry M.

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