Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red Lips

What's up with the red lips?

Well, it's SEXY, CLASSIC and ELEGANT plus it never goes out of style.

The Red Lips Technique was taught to us Juanas (batch60)

of Ceb Pac by Ma'am Cha, our supervisor.

Red lips is simply magical.

When you are expected to be wearing your full make-up on duty days

and you are already late, put on your red lipstick.

Automatically, it will seem that you are in full make-up making you look more attractive.

People will focus on you red lips and forget about all the other details of your face.

So whenever you feel like you're too pale or plain and simple

and you need to glam up in an instant,

Red lipstick to the rescue!

As for me, I love to put on red lipstick when I'm wearing white shirts/ blouses.

It's also perfect when you're wearing a black dress in formal occasions.

You will look exquisite and truly glamorous.

However, you have to remember some RED lips do's and dont's...

When you wear red lipstick, never ever use dark eyeshadows or blush ons.

If you do, congratulations you now have the reputation of being a clown or worst,

it'll make you look a lot older than your age.

Keep it really simple by using natural colors.

Girls with really thin lips need to be extra cautious. It's because

Dark Red will make your lips more thin.

And Be careful not to stain your teeth with red.

It happens all the time.

Also, after eating/ drinking, check and re apply if necessary.


MAC Ruby Woo


Ever Bilena Love that Red

In these pictures, I'm using MAC Ruby Woo..

Red is a very powerful color. It attracts more attention.

{ Diary }


Top: Forever21

Shorts: Sunny Side Up

Shoes: Lacoste

Snacks and Movie date with Mariz Posadas

with the special participation of

Bea Maiz

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