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Nosy About My Nose: Truth Revealed

Hello dear friends!

Today, I'm going to share a beauty tip every girl would love.

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Let's begin!

Make your nose look thinner or totally RESHAPE it without SURGERY.

bare without my nose technique yet

A lot of people ask me if I had a nose job. lol NO!

They pointed out that during our college years and even way back before,
my nose is not that tall and thin.

I have a very humble nose actually. 

I don't have that "matangos na ilong" unlike some of my siblings.
My nose is small, not flat though :) The shape is good but not really tall. 

It has been my problem before. I have chubby cheeks and I think having those all the more
makes my nose really look smaller.

I hate when people say "oh you have a cute nose"

A perfect face for me is a face with well-defined features.

But of course, those are just my ideals. Thank God, I learned to master doing my own make-up.

My make-up technique: NOSE CONTOURING/ NOSE LINE

Here's what you will need:

A Palette set with Natural Colors: NAKED

You can start the the technique after putting on your foundation and shaping your eyebrows.

Using the eyebrow brush, line the sides of your nose. Remember not to press too hard.

Create a line with a light brown shade.

My mistake before: I usually line my nose using a very dark shade making it obvious.

What we are actually trying to achieve here is an illusion that your nose is naturally perfect.
The light brown shade should only be 5 times darker than your natural skin color.
NEVER use black... please?

After creating the "frames", shade the sides of the nose by brushing the Buck Palette of Urban Decay
or any shade near that color for a more natural look.

What we are trying to achieve: natural shadows.  

Now it's time for the highlighter.
I'm using white beige of Ever Bilena. 

Create a straight line at the center.
The thinner the line, the greater the illusion of a thinner nose.

 We're not yet done :)
 After Highlighting the area, you have to soften the edges!

We're done!


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  1. yehey! may idea na kami thnks miss cherry :)

    1. Ano maganda am suggest mo na topic next time? :)

    2. make-up brushes haul and review pls

  2. yehey... :) so nice besh.. so ispiring tlga ur blog to other girls which is my fave part of my blogging. love it. mwah. I was waiting for it since kanina. hehehe

    1. Hehe nag BBm ako sayo kanina besh na tapos na :) Ty much sa support and motivation. Besh kunin ko a contacts today :)

  3. hahaha. Goodluck besh! Ikaw nlng magisa pagkuha mo... hihihihi.. that's another new blogpost from you! Trying out contact lenses, making it clean and to prevent infection. hihihi

    1. Omg another challenge for me :( anyways... I included your link besh. :) hihi

  4. wow very nice. . . .

  5. nice che!:) mind telling us what brands you use for your browse lips and foundation?:)

    1. Etude lips.. Brows etude and nyx :) foundation nyx. Pls check my old post tam... Make-up essentials so that u'll now my brand of choice .. The first link u can see above, click it :)

  6. Nice that u r blogging, welcome to the blogging world..

    1. Thanks Tim :) pls. Do subscribe :) ... Hope you could share some advices for blogging

  7. Very nice pictures, Cherry. Yan ba glasses mo? :-)

    1. Yep. But now I bought na my contact lens

  8. Hi Cherry! I love your blog. It inspires me very much. I learned a lot from this :)

    1. Hello there Jule! I'm happy to know that... :) Subscribe and comment alright? Don't be a stranger. You can also ask questions :) feel free... You guys keep me motivated!

    2. By the way, i love the shade of your lipstick here. May I know what is the name of the shade?.. TNX

    3. It's Farah's kasi.. :) I forgot the shade but it's Étude semi matte lipstick. Case color: pink

    4. oh i see. How to subscribe cherry? commenting on a blog is new for me kase. :)

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