Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moon Cakes for Madame

TODAY - Classic and Elegant Look.

Did I mention that I always love to experiment?

Probably, gazillion times.

By the way, I'm starting to feel the heat of my burned skin.
In fact, it's not only my face that's red now. My whole body is red hot.
I haven't seen a crack on my skin yet but I'm excited for it to peel off.
It's really hot.
My skin's burning.

When you have this sensation, you'd rather go for soft and comfortable clothes like what I'm wearing.
It's loose and it doesn't feel like it's touching my sensitive skin.

Thank You Ms. Karen Tay of Simple and Chic for my dress. 

I don't wanna look buffy on screen coz TV adds 10 lbs more your actual weight.
Belts do the trick.

AND NOW, my hair...

Isn't it awesome? Well, I have hair extensions and my hairstylist 
did well on hiding the metal holes.

He's truly an expert on wedding up dos.
I personally requested for my hair to be styled like this because
I got bored with just letting my hair down.

Tidy and well polished today, I achieved the matured look that I want.

Joan Durano of Joveth Pichon Hair Salon for my hair.

AND here's a pleasant surprise I got for today. 


Gift for the China Doll

Looks serious huh?!
Let's bring back the pleasant SMILE


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Cherry Maning


  1. wow...akin nalang yang moon cake...:)pwd?

    1. xure?hehehe ky mangayo jud q... wa pa ko katilaw ana madame cherry...toinks

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  3. we love you so much ms. cherry! hope to see in personal.

    1. Hi jinky. You're so sweet thanks! Don't forget to subscribe

    2. as sweet as you are ms. che! yes, i will..


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