Sunday, October 14, 2012

Manila Visit 1

This will just be very quick.

Like a quick walk at Bonifacio Hi-Street! Lol

I'm blogging through my BLOGSY :) (thank God I have you)

Alright! Here it is

I went to Manila just because I want to.
That's it.
This has been my second home after I graduated and became a flight attendant.
Kit, who's been my friend schoolmate at San Pedro College
and later, co worker and batchmate at Ceb PAC before joined me for
lunch/snack date at Conti's
We shared good food, good laugh .. and stories about love life lol
I miss kitty girl so much.
PicturE Kitty took while waiting for our sundo
Crazy shot eh?
Our Accommodation
Thanks Kitty for being my backbone when I was too weak to stand 7 months ago.
That phone call you gave me sparked a ray of hope in my heart.
And thanks for the dresses you gave me.



  1. sweet amega!!!hug2!!!!thank u so much;))...God bless u more and more and more!i love u!


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