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I am KOY (repost)

Hi guys! Sharing to you my thoughts about being a Flight Attendant 

I am Koy
-a repost, reposted once again tonight

blast from the past

by Cherry Maning on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 4:53pm ·

I just want a blast from the past.... this was a blog I made last year during my first few months of being a cabin crew. 

Blog Entry I AM KOY Sep 17, '09 1:58 AM
for everyone

It's been long long ago since i last updated my blog. God! it's been months now. I missed doing this. I missed the times when I used to be bored at home doing nothing but stare at my pc monitor and wait for something to pop out that would interest me. Right now, everything has changed. Everything CHANGED for almost four months of staying here in Manila. Now, I got a job! I'm already a Flight Attendant. Who would've thought? I have studied hard to become a Nurse. God knows how much I wanted to become a Nurse and share my knowledge to others who would also like to be an “Angel in the Sickroom”. But it's amazing how surprising life can be. In a glimpse I've become a worker of travel and pleasure. I have thought of this when I was young but I didn't know that this could happen to me. I didn't even think this was possible.

By the way, I am now using my chidhood name “koy”. Nobody calls me koy in Davao except my family an my relatives. Just for you to know, I am called by this name in the office. I stay in a dormitory here in Pasay. I walk my way to the office since my dorm is situated just in front of the office. Almost everyday, I get tired as I wake up very early in the morning like 1 am when everyone is supposed to enjoy dreaming and snoring while me, I do my rituals (make-up and blow dry). I have to “look good” and “feel good”. I invest in mascara, blush ons, pressed powders, foundations, lipsticks and the like. I have to have my uniform complete, neat and well pressed. The sad thing is, I have to do washing and pressing the clothes myself! I even cook my own food or whenever I feel 'tamad' I just buy food outside or not eat at all hehe.

I worked hard for this job. I paid so much effort, time and energy. I gave up all that is good for me. I gave up the comforts of home in my early age. I've never been this far from home back before. Many times during my first few months here that I have cried myself to sleep thinking that I should go back home. In the middle of the night, I text my mama and papa how much I miss them. It had been very difficult for me. But luckily, I found comfort with my friends here. We laugh and cry at times... but most of the time, we laugh but when we are alone in our beds, we cry. It was never easy.

I work with different set of people in every duty day of my life; Pilots, First Officers, Co-Cabin Attendants, Supervisors, Monitoring Clerks, Ramp Agents, Mechanics and a lot more. Some are very nice and some are just 'nice'. Each of them with different personality and you would have to figure out how you could perfectly blend with them. Honestly, I get nervous of who I will be flying with, afraid to get bumped off (lol).

In two months time, I've been to airports of different places here in the Philippines and to many places outside the country like Bangkok, Shanghai, Singapore, Macau, Hongkong and a lot more. I've met a lot of people in my flights including politicians, actors and actresses, professional basketball players, foreigners and locals. Some of them inspires me and some of them irritates me. Two months of training made me such. Hardships made me a thoughtful and caring cabin crew yet stiff in the interest of safety. But each of them that I meet, greet, assist and coverse with would be just part of my day ... just for one day... for one short flight... and then, I move on.

Isn't it amazing how you could experience all these and feel almost all the emotions in just a day? Surely, it's exhausting. Yet with all these, I felt very blessed as everyday I get thrilled and excited of the adventures set before me. I enjoy seeing the beauty of everything that God has made up to 35,000 ft above sea level. And most of all, nothing beats the joy of getting your salary every 15th, 25th and 30th of the month (hehe). You do all these, and you get paid. I have reached heights because of this job and most of all, I learned.

I learned to sweat for the stuffs that I want and I need to buy. I learned to budget and I became a entrepreneur in my own little way. I found business here and earning from it up to now. But still, how painful it is to pay for my bed for P 5,500 a month :) and to pay for a food that cost P 115 when it doesn't satisfy stomach and not even my taste buds.

I've accepted defeat back before but even if it still hurts when I am defeated, I'm more courageous enough to bear defeat without a losing heart. I learned the real essence of courage and strength.

Here's more. I learned from different women different stories of love, lust and hatred for men. I've known of things I've never known before. I'm now in a mature world. I take control :) I've seen women crying for long lost love, for a love that wasn't real, and for love that they've prayed hard for but never came. And it surely made me wiser and made me proud of the kind of relationship that I have with my boyfriend ___x____.

I learned to love MORE my family, my friends and _____x_____. I am more giving and selfless, undersatanding and patient. Being far from them made me realize how much I miss their presence and how much I wanted to be with them and how much I missed home and missed being a child.

And until the day that I decide to get back on the world where I used to be... to awaken my resting dreams of becoming a Nurse and later a Clinical Instructor, I will continue learning. I will savor each moment here and when I come back to Davao and tell other people where I had been, I will have many stories of battles fought and things learned because for a period of time I've been up there across the sky seeing things on topview with greater vision and understanding. Until then, “Koy” will become “Cherry Mae F. Maning” once again but better and wiser.

-------------> NAX! NOW.. I am proud to say.. I AM CHERRY MAE FERNANDEZ MANING once again. and I love it~~~~

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  1. Good morning "koy".......,how you went to news reporting???? LIFE experiences and mistakes taught us to be strong and we learned from it......ka relate much...coz I,ve been through many trials that I overcome..and keep saying to myself "kaya lagi nko ni bai".....

  2. I'll Mae aseparate blog about it soon :) .... Hehe the experience f being away from my family made me realize how ,uh I actually want to be with them :)


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