Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Treat

There is a season for everything and
this time, it's the season to be SCARED and to Freak Out!
Happy Halloween!!!

Here's our Una Ka Bai Set

Personally, I was surprised when I entered the studio.
I didn't expect that the UKB Staff prepared for a Halloween Treat!


 But wait, are you trying to take her place?
This is supposed to be Dotty's post but "Skelly" stood right in front of her.
uh oh!

'Wag kang emechos!!!"

This is actually the very first time that Una Ka Bai's physical set-up was patterned after the
Halloween Celebration.

IN real life, GHOSTS, ASWANGS, VAMPIRES and the like scare the life
out of me. The thought of those makes me run to my room, bang the door and
hide inside my blanket.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st.
It was started by few countries long time ago and slowly gained popularity.
 Now, it's a fad celebrated every year by different countries in the whole wide world .

Know more about the history:

Traditional Activities:

Trick or Treat
Costume Parties
Visiting Haunted Houses
Sharing Creepy Stories and Paranormal Activities

Those are what KIDS enjoy the most during this Halloween Season.

OOPS! Including adults (but "kids-at-heart") like me!

I'm actually one of those kids who wouldn't miss a show featuring Horror stories one Saturday or 
Sunday night before Halloween. 

Sounds fun right? If you miss all those, you miss all the fun and you wouldn't be able to relate to your
classmates sharing creepy notes after the Semestral Break.

By the way, do you believe in ghosts or any supernatural being?
Have you encountered one?

Well, maybe not all of us experienced paranormal activities
but most of us have stories to tell.
It may be an old tale from your neighbor, family history,
or personal experience... I would love to hear those!

I wanna be SCARED!!!

Share your stories now.
I'm waiting


Cherry Maning

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