Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Delightful Tuesday

I'm back to work!

Here's my outfit post:

Top: Simple and Chic

Shoes: Forever 21

Accessories: Forever 21

Nice view with the electric fan

Guardo Versosa took my pics :)) thanks...

my self- portrait

Today I brought "Pandesal" to the office.

Well, what makes my Tuesday more delightful is that,

I had a phone patch interview with Mr. Dingdong Dantes for his movie:

Tiktik: the Aswang Chronicles

Oh how I wish I'd get the chance to interview him in person the next Time...

Dreaming.. :)


Cherry Maning


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  1. Hello Ms. Cherry... Good Morning...following your blog everyday is like I want to follow you everyday in your life and know much deeper about you..co'z you inspires me a lot about life and love...Thinking and hoping to create my own blog and share it with you...Have a great day and always take good care...


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